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Melbourne: what we know so far about the Bourke Street attack

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One person has been killed and two passers-by injured after a man went on the rampage on Bourke Street in Melbourne’s city centre

Witnesses say a man drove a car outside the Target centre about 4.20pm. As the vehicle went up in flames, he attempted to stab people and fought with police and bystanders


Police shot the man in the stomach after he was seen lunging at them with a knife

People could be seen trying to help the police, using a shopping trolley and a chair to fend the man off

A body could be seen on the pavement outside one store. Emergency services said two others were also injured, but their condition is not yet known

The suspected attacker was arrested at the scene and is under police guard in hospital. Police say they are not looking for anyone else at this stage

Police say they are keeping “an open mind” about the attack and there are no known links to terrorism

The bomb response unit cordoned off the area and the car fire was extinguished

People have been urged to stay away from Bourke St, Swanston St and the Melbourne CBD

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