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Mart accidents driving up insurance premiums and must change – FBD boss

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FBD CEO Fiona Muldoon said FBD insures the vast majority of the marts in the Republic of Ireland, but it is losing 140pc on average across the board by taking them on.

“By insuring marts, on average, we are losing 140pc every year, this is not sustainable and needs to change,” she told the recent ICOS conference.

According to FBD, the most common cause of liability claims at marts are injuries caused by livestock.

Ciaran Roche Risk Manger with FBD said one of the more common accidents at marts happens when cattle are being loaded and unloaded and can kick or crush people.

Another common claim, he said, is incidents involving gates hitting a member of the public or an employee.

He also said that people with their arms up on barriers around the main mart ring were also more likely to be involved in an accident and making a claim.

Many mart managers voiced their concerns about how the rising price of insurance is placing more pressure on marts and making it harder for the marts to stay open.

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