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Ambulance service has begun

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COLLEGE PLACE, Washington – Ambulance services are now active in the city of College Place.

Mayor Harvey Crowder says the ambulance service started extensively this past weekend and, as of Wednesday morning, there have been four transports.


Crowder added that it’s gone well, and the city of College Place will continue to partner and work with the city of Walla Walla on its Advanced Life Support and Walla Walla County Fire District No. 4 on how to best deliver ambulance services across the valley.

Crowder said the conversation with all the departments will continue on how to best deliver services in a coordinated fashion across the artificial boundaries of city limits and rural fire districts.

“We will continue to look at growth, at demand of services and how best to provide the closest, fastest service for all those we serve, “Crowder said.

The city of College Place has four paid firefighters on staff with the rest being volunteers.

“We’re scheduling staffing for the ability to provide two ambulance runs at the same time,” Crowder said. “That’s a demand on our volunteers and paid staff, so we’ll continue to look at how we best do business over time.”

As time goes on, Crowder says the city will have to hire more firefighters.


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