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2 people dead after Highway 6 crash in ‘high-accident area’ south of Regina

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A four-vehicle crash south of Regina on Highway 6 Thursday night has claimed the lives of two people.

Saskatchewan RCMP said a 78-year-old woman driving a van and an 83-year-old man driving a truck were both declared dead at the scene.

Their vehicles are believed to have collided head-on, with the truck ending up in a ditch and the van left on the highway.

That van was, in turn, struck by two other vehicles.

In total, five other people suffered less serious injuries.

Bruce Gooding was driving to his home in Estlin, Sask., when he came across the scene, about 7.5 kilometres from Regina. He said at least three vehicles were involved.

“A policeman was just walking up and down and told us it could be a four to six hour wait,” Gooding said.

Instead of waiting, Gooding said he went around home on a gravel road.

He said he didn’t know how many people were involved or how severe their injuries were, but told CBC, “It doesn’t look good.”

Calling for safer conditions

Gooding said the scene of the crash is well known to locals. It’s just on the other side of a hill with single lane traffic, which he said often causes problems.

“People both ways will try to pass going north or south and there’s usually a car coming at you when you try to pass so it’s kind of a dangerous spot,” he said.

Gooding said that just a few months ago, he was driving up the hill when a car tried to pass him and came face-to-face with a semi.

Former Regina city councillor and Campbell Collegiate principal Mike Badham died on that stretch of road in 2006.

Gooding said more needs to be done to make that spot safer.

“You see signs on highways: slow down, be aware, high-accident area, but there’s nothing. There never has been, and there should be,” he said.

A forensic reconstructionist and members for the White Butte and Milestone RCMP detachments collected evidence at the scene of the crash.

The investigation is ongoing.

With files from Bryan Eneas

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