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No action on ambulance zone re-opening

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Augusta,Ga (WJBF) – The Georgia  Region VI EMS council has voted once to re-open Augusta’s ambulance zone to other possible providers an action members say was proper

I don’t think anything was done towards Richmond County or Gold Cross,” said John Graham, who chaired the zoning committee on the council. 

But Gold Cross disagreed it filed suit saying because Chief Chris James was Chairman of the Council and Augusta was attempting to take over the ambulance zone  so  there was a conflict of interest.

 And last month Superior  Court Judge Sheryl Jolly agreed saying the whole zoning process needed to start over. 

 “I think it speaks for its self we laid everything out that happened during the process that we believed as not correct and it was sided with us,” said Vince Brogdan, owner of Gold Cross EMS.

“Unfortunately we had to get to a lawsuit I disagree,” said Graham. 

Though members of the EMS Council believe they did nothing wrong in recommending the ambulance zone re-opening, it did not vote to restart the process after Gold Cross officials said they would be sitting down with the city in about two weeks indicating  this could  settle the issue. 

“I don’t know if it can be handled in one meeting hope so I hope we can come together and and come to a resolution,” said Brogdan. 
 “We anticipate we will hear each others concerns and  figure out if there is any resolution from there,” said City Administrator Janice Allen Jackson.

 “Do you think these two parties can agree Gold Cross seemed to indicate that?”

” I think it’s a little premature to tell since we haven’t begun the conversation,” said Jackson. 

 The Gold Cross- city meeting should not come as a surprise  after the court ruled against the EMS council’s opening of the zone the commission voted to hold discussions with the company and to discuss a possible contract to provide service.  

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