A mother was left devastated after a teddy bear containing her dead daughter’s ashes was stolen.

The bear, which contains the remains of 16 month-old La’Vae McKinney was snatched Monday while her mom La’Quinta was moving out of their apartment in Hollywood, Fla.

McKinney had left the precious keepsake outside while she and her other children went to rent a van to move their belongings.

McKinney’s daughter La’Vae, died in 2016 of sudden infant death syndrome and her ashes were put into a teddy bear. (Photo: Local 10 News)
La’Quinta’s daughter La’Vae died at two months old and the family put her remains into a memorial teddy bear (Photo: La’Quinta McKinney/Facebook)

She realized what had happened when she came back, and posted a distraught Facebook message begging for the return of the memorial to her daughter, who passed away from sudden infant death syndrome in 2016.


McKinney wrote: ‘Just when I taught 2018 couldn’t get any WORSE for me the most unthinkable thing happened.

‘I took the day off to move from my old apartment to the new.’

‘As a woman trying to move a 3 bedroom apartment by myself was a lot.’

‘After my daughter and I took everything out of the house we realized that it couldn’t all fit in my truck.’

‘With all the stuff outside I went to uhaul to get a moving truck.’

She continued: ‘When we returned we noticed that someone had went through the stuff taking all the things they wanted, amongst those things were clothes, furniture BUT most importantly they took the TEDDY-BEAR that had La’Vae’s remains.’

‘I don’t care about anything else because I have loss so much. All I want is my baby back. Please share to help me get her back’

La’Quinta’s daughter’s remains were in a teddy bear that was stolen from her front porch Monday (Photo: La’Quinta McKinney/Facebook)
La’Quinta McKinney has been reaching out on social media and asking for the teddy bear to be returned to the Hollywood police station (Photo: Local 10 News)

Police are investigating the theft, but McKinney said she is not concerned with pursuing charges – she just wants the her daughters remains returned.

‘The bear is more than a bear,’ she said to WFOR-Ch. 4. ‘She’s my daughter. My daughter’s remains is in that.’