A father who threw his four young children to their deaths from a bridge has had his death sentence scrapped.

Lam Loung, 38, now faces life in prison because of a law that prevents criminals with an IQ lower than 70 from being executed as part of the 8th Amendment ban on cruel and unusual punishments. His IQ was not tested during his original trial, but was recently put at 57.

The commutation of Loung’s death sentence, revealed in court Monday, saw shaken prosecutor Ashley Rich tell Al.com ‘No-one deserves the death penalty more,’ before adding ‘Our hands are tied.’

Lam Loung, 38, was sentenced to death for killing his four children, was taken off death row Monday afternoon due to his low IQ.

A separate test ordered during the most recent hearing found Loung’s IQ to be even lower, at 51.

The father, of Bayou La Batre, Al., killed three year-old Ryan, two year-old Hannah, one year-old Lindsey and four month-old Danny by hurling them from the Dauphin Island Bridge in January 2008.


All four youngsters drowned in the Pass Aux Herons waterway below, with Loung arrested for their murders the next day.

The children’s bodies were found in three different states over a weeks-long search.

As part of his original sentencing, Loung was ordered to look at photographs of each of the four young victims every day while in prison, according to Fox10 News .

Loung was originally sentenced to death in 2009. But the ruling was overturned in on a technicality in 2013 when it was ruled that the case should have been moved out of Mobile County.

That change in ruling was because of pre-trial publicity but, in 2014, the Alabama Supreme Court ruled that the lower court was wrong and reinstated the decision.

Dad murdered his four kids by throwing them off bridge has death sentence axed
Three of Lam Loung’s young victims – Lindsey Luong, Ryan Phan and Hannah Luong (Picture: AP)