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Armed masked raider jailed after terrifying woman home alone in Newport burglary

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A MASKED raider who carried out a terrifying burglary armed with a metal bar while a woman was home alone was jailed for more than six years.

David McAllister was on the run from jail when he targeted a house in the Rogerstone area of Newport in August.


He got away with gold jewellery but was soon caught by Gwent Police.

At Cardiff Crown Court, McAllister admitted aggravated burglary and escaping from lawful custody after making a getaway from Ford Open Prison in West Sussex.

He had been at large since fleeing jail on Christmas Day 2017.

A Gwent Police spokesperson said: “On 17th August 2018, McAllister broke into a house in Rogerstone, wearing a mask and carrying a weapon, while a woman was home alone.”

The officer in the case, Police Constable Emily Harris, said: “This was a frightening and distressing incident which has understandably left the victim and her family fearful of being in their own home.

“Gwent Police takes offences like this very seriously and work hard to find those responsible to put them in front of the courts.

“McAllister’s sentence should be warning to those people who choose to commit offences such as this, that they will be dealt with robustly.”

The 25-year-old defendant, of Shirenewton Caravan Park, Cardiff, was jailed by Judge Philip Harris Jenkins.

He sentenced him at Cardiff Crown Court to six years for the aggravated burglary and a consecutive six-month term for escaping from custody, making a total of six years and six months in prison.

McAllister was imprisoned for two years and three years in August 2017 for a burglary he committed almost 12 months before in Pontypool.

Cardiff Crown Court heard on that occasion how the owner had been to London for the day but returned at around 9pm when he heard a noise from upstairs and saw a light on.

Prosecutor David Paugh said McAllister had a scuffle with the householder after running downstairs carrying a jewellery box and plastic container with coins before fleeing the scene and escaping in a Saab which had false registration plates.

Around £1,800 was stolen from a purse in a bedroom, while CCTV equipment which had been installed after another burglary at the home was also taken.

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