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Involved in an accident? Here’s what you need to know and do

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POLOKWANE – Accidents happen, weather big or small and if you have ever been involved in one, you would know that shock and panic goes hand in hand with the accident.

Review spoke to Pieter Kubannek, owner of PLK Ambulance Services, who gave a few helpful tips as to what you should do.

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When involved in a ‘bumper-basher’ and no one is injured, you should take photos of the damage and report the accident immediately. Get shots of the other cars involved, the damage, capture the position of the cars and license plates.

The police don’t have to be called to the scene if no one was hurt, but the accident must be reported within 24 hours, by both drivers, at a police station or traffic office in the area where the accident took place.

“If you are hurt and can’t report the accident immediately, you must do so as soon as possible and explain why there has been a delay in reporting the accident,” he said.

If, anybody was hurt, be it a human or an animal, you should stop, turn off your car and see if everyone is fine and then call emergency services and the police.

“The traffic department should only be called when the cars cannot move after the accident and is obstructing traffic.” 

Unless you need medical attention, you must stay at the scene until a police officer tells you that you can leave.

“Being involved in an accident can be both scary and stressful, but remember to remain calm. If you have been involved in an accident, remember these tips and inform your insurance company as soon as possible to ensure that you are back on the road in no time.”

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