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Ten people charged in Vancouver police’s electronic device ‘bait’ sting

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Vancouver Police arrested 14 people in a recent project targeting the theft of personal electronics from downtown coffee shops. Getty Images stock photo

A total of 10 people have charged with theft as part of a Vancouver Police Department project that saw officers leave “bait” electronics in downtown coffee shops and then waited for them to be stolen.

The project, which operated over eight days in September and October, was put in play after the VPD noticed an increase in the theft of electronic devices — phones and laptops — from downtown patios and coffee shops.

In response, a group of VPD officers strategically placed the bait devices in cafes and then tracked them when they were stolen.

“We are working to protect people and their property, but it only takes a moment for a thief to steal a cell phone, tablet or computer. I encourage people to keep an eye on their belongings because someone else might be waiting for an opportunity to take them,” said VPD Sgt. Jason Robillard. “As for thieves, the VPD will continue to use innovative tactics to fight property crime throughout the city. The next thing you steal might send you directly to jail.”

The VPD made 14 arrests which led to these 10 people being charged with theft:

  • David Bongaards, 54;
  • Fardin Daneshvar Kalkhorani, 52;
  • Andrew Dick, 45;
  • James Dixon, 42;
  • Ricardo Dos Santos, 44;
  • Parker Grieve, 23;
  • Nolan Havas, 43;
  • Michael Irwin, 44;
  • Edward Jules, 57;
  • and David Unick, 30.

Charges against the another four individuals are still pending.

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