A paedophile who lured two kids away from their mum by taking them to a dinosaur show in a park has been jailed.

Colin Leach, 35, posed as an employee at Jurassic Kingdom, an exhibition in a park in the summer, to ask the children to join him.

But on Friday, a court heard their mum soon became ‘uneasy’ and rang police, who attended the show and arrested Leach.

A paedophile who tried to lead two youngsters away from their mum with the promise of taking them to a dinosaur exhibition has been jailed. Colin Leach, who was already on the sex offenders' register after touching a girl's bottom at a shopping centre, approached the family in Bute Park, Cardiff. Caption: Colin Leach, 35, of Aberporth Road in Cardiff, who has been jailed for 18 weeks after he admitted breaching a Sexual Harm Prevention Order
Colin Leach, who was already on the sex offenders’ register after touching a girl’s bottom at a shopping centre, approached a family in Bute Park, Cardiff (Picture: Media Wales)

He was jailed at Cardiff Crown Court for four and a half months after admitting breaching a Sexual Harm Prevention Order.

The court heard Leach was made subject of the order after approaching a girl in a library, and was added to the sex offenders register after touching a nine-year-old girl’s bottom in a shopping centre in April 2011.


Sentencing, Judge Neil Bidder QC said: ‘You have got to keep away from children.

‘This must stop. Otherwise they are going to be longer and longer sentences.’

A general view Cardiff Crown Court.
Cardiff Crown Court heard how Leach has had previous for approaching – and touching – children in public places (Picture: PA)

The court heard Leach was given a nine-month jail term, suspended for two years, for assaulting the girl in Queens Arcade, Cardiff.

But in February 2016, he approached another girl in a library and asked ‘What time do you usually come to the library?’

Prosecutors told the court the girl was playing a horror game and the defendant said: ‘If you get scared, I’ll give you a cuddle.’

But a librarian nearby overheard Leach and he was arrested.

Leach, from Gabalfa, Cardiff, has faced challenges to his mental health, Hilary Roberts, defending, said.

She stressed Leach did not approach the children in the park directly, instead spoke to their mother.