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Suspect in Rams’ Star Robert Woods’ Burglary Tied to Rihanna, Puig & Milian Break-Ins

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Rams WR Robert Woods Burglary Suspect Linked To Rihanna, Puig & Milian Cases


Turns out the guy who was arrested for burglarizing the home of Rams wide receiver Robert Woods was targeting celebs … at least that’s what cops say.

Law enforcement sources tell us, 19-year-old Tyress Williams has now been linked to burglaries at the homes of Rihanna, Yasiel Puig and Christina Milian

As for how cops linked Williams to the various break-ins … we’re told they pulled him over last Friday in connection with the Woods break-in and he had stolen items in his car that belonged to Woods, Rihanna, Puig and Milian. 

Cops tell us Williams is the guy in this video kicking in the front door of L.A. Dodgers’ star Yasiel Puig. This was the 4th burglary at Puig’s home — twice in the last 2 months. Cops aren’t saying if Williams was the culprit in all 4 break-ins.

BTW … Christina Milian had her house burglarized twice in 4 days. Again, we don’t know if cops believe Williams was the culprit both times.  

For a long time police were saying celebs were not specifically being targeted by burglars … the party line was that there was a rash of burglaries in L.A. and celebs were simply some of the victims. 

It always seemed … celebs were easy targets, because they either posted their whereabouts on social media or their schedules were in plain view of the public.

It seems cops now believe … at least some burglars have a thing for celebrity homes. 

As for Williams … we’re told the D.A. will file charges Tuesday.

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