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Two men fatally stabbed in middle of street in north Queensland

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Police and paramedics had to confront a “horrific” night-time scene after two men were stabbed to death in north Queensland.

The men, aged 27 and 37, died at the side of a road after a fight broke out between a group of people in Alva, south of Townsville, about 12.30am on Monday.


“It was a horrific scene to arrive there and find two people,” Det Insp Chris Lawson said.

“You are talking about the dead of night where it’s dark [and there are] people with those sorts of injuries in the middle of the street.

“It’s something that will obviously affect those who had to go there and provide first aid. It’s harrowing.”

Police did not say how many people were involved and could only speculate on a motive.

“We are trying to nail down exactly what has occurred, and to do that we need to speak to witnesses and establish how the events have unfolded throughout the night,” Lawson said.

A woman was taken to hospital in Townsville with a non-life-threatening shoulder injury and a man was arrested.

One of the dead men was from the Alva area, while the other was not, Lawson said.

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