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Sessions Warns of Americans ‘Sucked Into…Addiction Vortex’

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“We must reduce the number of people who are sucked into the addiction vortex,” Attorney General Jeff Sessions told an opioid research summit sponsored by the National Institute of Justice on Tuesday. “As they move into the whirlpool, addiction, bankruptcy, divorce and death awaits.” Sessions said the Trump administration is “determined to achieve” the goal of reducing U.S. opioid prescriptions by one-third in three years.

“When we enforce our drug laws, we prevent addiction from spreading,” Sessions said. “Law enforcement helps keep drugs out of our country, reduces their availability, drives up their price, and reduces their purity and addictiveness.  That saves lives. Experts tell us supply creates its own demand.” He criticized the Obama administration for losing a “proper emphasis on drug cases,” saying that drug trafficking prosecutions dropped 17 percent and the average sentence for a convicted federal drug trafficking offender was 15 percent shorter. In places where drug deaths are the highest, Sessions said, “We are now vigorously prosecuting synthetic opioid trafficking cases, even when the amount is small.  It’s called Operation Synthetic Opioid Surge—or S.O.S.”

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