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Gun Control Group Targets 15 GOP House Seats

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Everytown for Gun Safety, the group founded by former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, is rolling out a $5 million digital ad campaign targeting 15 House races, as the group continues heavy investment in the midterm elections, reports Politico. The gun control group announced plans to target House districts embedded in suburban communities outside of cities like Atlanta, Kansas City, Miami and Minneapolis. The 15 districts are featured on the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee’s “Red to Blue” target list.

The list of targeted Republican incumbents include: Reps. Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA); Mike Coffman (R-CO), Karen Handel (R-GA), Kevin Yoder (R-KS), Erik Philip Paulsen (R-MN), Mike Bishop (R-MI), Tom MacArthur (R-NJ) and Barbara Comstock (R-VA). The group is also going after seven open, Republican-controlled seats that include suburbs in metro areas from Seattle to New York City. “Suburban swing districts are going to make this election, and gun safety resonates extremely high with suburban voters,” said John Feinblatt, president of Everytown for Gun Safety. “We’re trying to galvanize new, young and suburban voters in a way that they’ve never been engaged before and meeting them exactly where they are.” The digital ads, part of the group’s “Not One More” campaign, feature news footage of the aftermath of mass shootings at schools, showing children marching out of buildings in single file lines, with their hands in the air. Everytown has already pledged to drop $10 million on four gubernatorial races: Georgia, Michigan, Nevada and New Mexico, all open races where Democrats are looking to succeed two-term Republican governors.

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