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Bill Cosby Getting Star Treatment in Prison According to His Team

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Bill Cosby He’s Already a Big Star in Prison … According to His Team



Bill Cosby didn’t stroll down an actual red carpet into prison, but he might as well have … based on the treatment his team says he’s getting in the maximum security prison he now calls home. 

As we reported, Cosby is now at the Pennsylvania State pen at Schwenksville and in good spirits … according to publicist Andrew Wyatt. The disgraced comedian was almost immediately transferred behind bars after Tuesday’s sentencing, and Wyatt tells us staffers and guards were amazed to meet Cosby.

He described Cosby’s Wednesday morning phone call to his wife, Camille, and how guards were hesitant to interrupt inmate NN7687. 

Wyatt has a few theories as to why the 81-year-old is getting treated with kid gloves … and it has nothing to do with his role as Cliff Huxtable. 

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